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About The Minnesota Versatile Hunting Dog Federation

Introduction to the MVHDF

The Minnesota Versatile Hunting Dog Federation is a nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to promote ethical hunting and conservation of game by enhancing the overall quality and abilities of versatile hunting dogs.  The versatile hunting dog can be enhanced through breeder and owner education regarding genetics; selective breeding; training; aptitude and performance testing; and conformation evaluation.

The MNVHDF education program consists of:

1.  Articles on training, breeding, and genetic topics.

2.  Aptitude testing at the puppy level.

3.  Aptitude testing at the advanced level of a trained hunting dog.

4.  Performance testing at the finished level.

5.  Conformation testing of the various purebred versatile dogs at breed show events.

6.  Continuing education for field judges and conformation judges.

These test results, including information on conformation and temperament, are recorded, stored, and available to members through our online searchable database. 

The MNVHDF testing program is a noncompetitive process of evaluation wherein the dogs are evaluated against a set standard.  MNVHDF sets the standards and facilitates these tests, then provides the data in a usable format for breeders and breed clubs to interpret for their own purposes.  MNVHDF is not a competitive organization.  We do not seek to replace competitive field trials nor do we seek to replace the individual breed clubs and their standards which are currently in place.  MNVHDF is offered as an aid to these groups and activities so that the versatile dog may be enhanced and improved in North America.